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Arabic language in Qatar university - Article Example

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There are various benefits that various stakeholders can attain due to implementation of Arabic language as the language for instructions in the Qatar University. One of the benefits is that this action will help Qatar as well as other Arab nations in restoring the strength that…
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Arabic language in Qatar university
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Download file to see previous pages abic in Qatar University will help in ensuring that students of business and other professionals will learn Arabic language and in turn it will motivate organizations to once again adopt Arabic as their official language. Another benefit of adoption of Arabic language in Qatar University is that the foreign students who study in Qatar University will even learn how to communicate in Arabic language and this will help them in pursuing a career in Qatar and other Arab based organizations in which Arabic is the official language. For example, Qatar is supposed to be the host of the World Cup during the year of 2022 and this is attracting various foreigners to apply and obtain for employment in Qatar (Bryant 1). In order to gain employment in Qatar and work as a team with the natives of Qatar, these individuals will be requiring learning Arabic. In order to learn Arabic they can gain admission in Qatar University which has adopted Arabic as the language for instructions. A third reason due to which it is beneficial to adopt Arabic as language for instructions in Qatar University is that this will encourage more Qatar based students to obtain admission in Qatar University. Due to this, they will find it easier to gain admission by passing tests that are in Arabic language. Many students in Qatar fail to obtain admission in Qatar University because the admission tests used to be administered in English Language. This is one of the reasons why there is only 1 native Qatar student in Qatar University for every 8 foreign students (Quartz 1). According to a study conducted by Ellili-Cherif et al. Qatari students fail to gain admission in Qatar University because the fail to exhibit the English proficiency required gaining admission in Qatar University (Ellili-Cherif 207).
On one end there are several advantages of adopting Arabic language as the language for instructions in Qatar University, but at the same times several disadvantage of this measure even exist. One of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arabic Language in Qatar University Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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