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The soldiers obtain condoms, cakes, lighters, cigarettes, bible and chewing gum from the fighting land. However, loss life and mental torture are some of the biggest…
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Literary Analysis of The Things They Carried
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Download file to see previous pages The main thesis of the discussion is keeping the war firmly in minds and passing it from one generation to another. The war should be in the minds of people as it gives a reason the war took place and helps in keeping the heroes who lost their lives alive. The loss of lives should educate individuals on the importance of living in peace and harmony as well as it provides the need to protect the dignity of the heroes. The narrator of the story should have the skill of narrating the story in a special way creating the picture into the minds of the audience.
The thesis adequately provides enough information to assist in making an opinion from the draft. The achievements that the soldiers had from the war and the negative factors that the soldiers as well had encounter in the process of the war and after fighting. From the thesis, it is clear that a significant number of soldiers lost their lives and dear friends. In addition, the soldiers had the possession of condoms, cigarettes, lighters and cakes from the same war. According to the thesis in the provision, it is possible to create a precise opinion due to the availability of adequate necessary information. In order to make the thesis firmer, discussing on the weapons and strategies that the soldiers made use of would greatly help strengthening the thesis than it is now. However, including information on the means of getting food and shelter to hide from the intensive adverse conditions of the war can assist in developing more focus on the thesis.
The information that the draft addresses includes, the challenges that soldiers faced in the war in Vietnam. From the draft, it is clear that the loss of life is the major effect that the soldiers had to cope with until the end of the war. The mental challenge also affects the soldiers due to the fear of loss of life and witnessing the death of their comrades in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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