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College is worthy or not - Essay Example

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Conventionally, education has been termed as the key to success with the common evidence that a literate individual is generally better of as compared to an illiterate individual. However, the optimal level of education remains undefined with disparagers of college education…
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College is worthy or not
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Download file to see previous pages Education is costly and the cost of education has been rising against an almost constant after college salary. Rationally, evading unnecessary education should reduce cost and hence increase social wellbeing of citizens and it’s on these basis that critics of college education base their argument. The increasing demand for education is responsible for the increase in cost and it’s expected that wages reduce as more people enter the job market. Factually, increase in population is responsible for influx in demand for college education and hence so long as population rises, rising college fees is inevitable and reduced wages due out excess labor output could also pop up. However, as pay offs to college graduates stagnate, rewards to high school diploma holders reduce hence widening the gap between the two (TIME). The implication is that, employers still attach more value to college education regardless of the degree taken. Research shows that college graduates earn more than their counterparts (Economist), moreover, those who do not have a college degree believe that they have less (Piew). Therefore, the only constraint to college education is the ever rising cost.
Not going to college does not solve the problem as it reduces productivity and hence reducing the expected returns to capital, making all investments not viable. Mr. Thiel creates a controversy in the importance of education by offering an alternative to college education and then again criticizing the viability of the alternative (Piew). Thiel himself, developed his business idea while still in college, a proof that attending college does not restrain the individual to job market and hence lead only to the middle class as most people think. Under capitalism, the rich are few, but among the rich college graduates are richer than their high school counterparts. Thiel produces capital ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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College Is Worthy or Not Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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