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Critical thought - Assignment Example

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Chaffee (2012) stated that everybody has their unique “lenses” of how they view the world and how these lenses influence their perceptions (131). In the academic sense, lenses are relevant to the society because…
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Critical thought
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Download file to see previous pages Students have different lenses or opinions of the given instructional materials (depending on how they understand or correlate it with their experiences). The same applies to our lives. We may have seen an incident and viewed it as wrong according to our perception of culture or morality. Others may see it as normal, usual, right because they have different lenses as ours.
An experience of mine regarding lenses had influenced my thinking of a particular incident. I had a misunderstanding with a friend about certain “time and commitment” issue. A few hours later, she has posted something on her social to which I have connected to the context of time and commitment. I thought that she was pertaining to me and to our arguments so I felt offended and did not talk to her for a long period of time. Months passed, I learned from her mother that she was facing a problem at her part-time job which concerns time and commitment issues. It was then that I realized that we have seen the situation in different lenses and I was wrong of my perceptions.
The concept of our own lenses will help us become aware of the ones we have as compared to others. Not all individuals have the perceptions or thinking as ours. If we will only just perceived the world according to our lenses, we may have some misunderstanding of the people around us. In addition, we will fail to examine the objective truth and we will not bother to examine facts or evidences because we are already blinded by our lenses.
By academic definition, perceiving is how we processed our thinking and understanding of the world through what we called “lenses” which may vary because of our individual personalities, experiences, biases, assumptions, and ways of viewing thing (Chaffee, 2012, 149; Thomson, 2002, 155). Believing, on the other hand, is establishing perceptual experiences into a belief structure or cognition and being able to execute or apply these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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