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Garden art through the ages - Article Example

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It studies the processes and products of human creativity and social life. An artifact refers to the product of human artwork. Art is described as the study of visual and tangible objects made by human…
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Garden art through the ages
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Download file to see previous pages Art history has the major objective of determining the originality of various works of the art. Anciently, anything produced using a machine would not qualify as art but in the modern time the scope of the study has increased including the study of computer aided images. The history of art depends on the artifacts. There is an established way of generating a date when a given art was done based on a certain artifact that is available. The artwork was done a long time ago, but the artifact is a presentation of the evidence of the artistic activity that took place. There are certain questions of concern to the art historian, and the first question is the age of the art.
The dates when the artwork was done can be established in a number of ways. The historian can use the physical evidence of the material that was used to decorate a particular artwork. For example, certain paints then he or she can easily guess the age of the artwork from the existing artifact that is based on a given fact that the given material that was used did not exist at a certain time anciently. Therefore, the historian can easily trace the age of the art by checking on the artifact that is existing.
An earliest possible date and latest possible date for the use of certain material such as certain type of inks can be established by the historian. There are materials that are used by artists at the current time and those that were used in the olden times and therefore it becomes very easy for the historians to come up with a conclusive age of the artwork based on material used to construct the artifact.
The historians also rely on documentary evidence. This is because it provided a hint of the date when a given article was written about a certain artwork that manifests in the form of physical artifact that exists. This means that if a historian wants to know the age of an artifact, he or she only looks for the historical books where the ancient artists ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Garden Art through the Ages Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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