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Reflection papers#4 - Essay Example

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The company was established in 1847 by Werner von Siemens. The current CEO of the Siemens Company is Joe Kaeser who heads over the 343,000 employees. The company has made huge profits of…
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Reflection papers#4
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Download file to see previous pages The punishment to fire that huge amount of people involved in corruption or those likely to be involved is acceptable. Even though the number of people sacked due to the corruption charges was extremely large, it is wise to eliminate them than try to change them (Watson, 2015). This is because; corruption does a lot of damage to the company than any other misconduct. First of all, corruption taints the image and reputation of a company and in fact for such an international company this is shameful and irreparable. Secondly, corruption threatens the very future of a company since money is used for personal things while the company’s needs are neglected. This leads to bad work environment, reduction of employee’s salaries and more. Thirdly, corruption leads to low quality standards of goods produced by a company which is corrupt. This is because they will take bribes and offer contracts to undeserving people furthermore, the work ethics will be poor since the workforce will be full of incompetent people who bribed their way in to the company. Lastly, corruption will means that employees suffer at the hands of their fellow co workers and people with power since any charges will just be bribed and brushed off without fair and just consideration. This will also make many people be fired unjustly if the bosses feel like it.
If I were the new chief ethics officer I would have handled the situation nearly the same way. However, I would have not fired everybody who was alleged to be in the corruption game. I would have used tact to find out the real ring leaders and not blame everybody in the departments.
Even though bribery was legal in German until 1999, the corruption at Siemens was not justified (Watson, 2015). A leading international company like Siemens had a reputation to keep even when the vice was legal. A company can sign code and conduct contracts with employees upon employment where they are asked if ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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