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How social media affect out personal behaviour - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The publisher has a purpose of highlighting the importance of the social media to organizations to enhance their decision-making for adoption in…
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How social media affect out personal behaviour
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Extract of sample "How social media affect out personal behaviour"

Download file to see previous pages The publication analyzes the effect of the information technology provides an opportunity to change peoples’ and organization’s decision-making behaviour. Groups and organizations also make use of technology to enhance their decision-making, especially through the social media. The technologies may have a positive or negative effect on the users regarding the effectiveness of the decisions made through the social media. For example, organization managers may make marketing changes, which in turn results to poor decisions by the consumers of their commodities. Over reliance on the social media rather than the employing the experts opinion and facts have the possibility of making biased decisions. The article gives an overview of the impact of the social media and the Web 2.0 on how organizations, individuals, and groups make decisions regarding their ventures.
The authors interact with other published work by analyzing various impacts of the social media on decision-making and the consequences of using the information on the social networks. The other ideas related to social media, such as blogging, video sharing through the YouTube, and Skype among others enrich the authors’ information on the importance of the social media in decision-making. The main purpose of the publication is to educate and enlighten everybody, who views the internet on the importance of using the social sites for management reasons other than entertainment and socializing. The article clearly uses clear demonstrations to evaluate the importance of social media and several examples of the social media platform to enhance the clarity of the contents.
The article is about psychological behaviours related to the social media published by Knowledge and Information Systems and addresses behaviours on the social media. The purpose of the article is to study the important world ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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