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Convincing readers to adopt a piece of technology thats new to them - Essay Example

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They allow for simpler and easier fulfillment of actions and operations and provide overall assistance in human’s activity. People have developed a habit to apply these technologies in everyday…
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Convincing readers to adopt a piece of technology thats new to them
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Extract of sample "Convincing readers to adopt a piece of technology thats new to them"

Download file to see previous pages Twenty years ago it would sound strange if you could see the party of your telephone call. It is today more than usual, and video calls can be made from any place in the world via an ordinary smart phone provided that it has a web-camera. There are many software products on offer to make video calls, but the most convenient and widely used one is called Skype. Today it has become a usual means of connection, and this is a result of development history which started in 2003 and goes on till the present time.
The reason for using this technology is obvious – it is very simple to use and provides a wide range of functions. Its interface is intuitively simple and user friendly, and no matter whether the user is a schoolboy of 7 years or an older person aged 60 – both can use this software product without deep functions observing and long training. The icons are very similar to those of the mobile phone, the sounds are informative and accompany user’s actions, and the list of contacts has become more covnenient and provides now better access to them. Moreover, this is a free program and the user must pay money only if he wants to call mobile and office phone numbers. This feature is very useful in such situations when there is no internet access except mobile internet, and the program runs excellent even in such conditions. Another reason is the possibility to arrange a video conference with many users which is very convenient when, for example, members of one family live in different cities and even countries. This is particularly beneficial when using this software product for business purpose: a visual contact may be necessary to feel the interlocutor and to trust his words, whereas it is reported now that conditional telephone communication, providing only audio contact, promotes the party’s feeling no responsibility for the words said. There is also such a useful feature as showing the user status, and when some user is offline, you can leave ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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