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Bookstores Visit - Essay Example

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From the range of books that the store had, the cross cultural exchange happening in the context of the globalised world was very evident. The multi dimensional reach of cultural elements could be…
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Bookstores Visit
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Download file to see previous pages On the other side, looking at the best sellers, it also being evident that cultural elements specific to communities are being more acceptable to a global audience. Stories from Asia and Europe are being available and are being read as stories from the local context.
Both the book stores had broad range of books. Another interesting observation was the standardization in the marketing strategies of the book stores. Both stores had similar best sellers. This suggest the ways in which media is able to reach out to people and influence people’s decision making process. In the context of globalization, it can be inferred that the market speculates the cultural choices that people make. The choice on what to read and what to perceive on reading is being largely influenced by the globalised market.
Invariably both the bookstores have books portraying Asian symbols and culture in a sellable format. These depictions stay very close to the stereotypic images of orientalism. These books in terms of the ways in which they are marketed reinforce orientalism, though in an unrealistic sense. The reciprocal influence of the globalised economy forces the market to deliver according to the needs of the consumers and at the same time influences the consumers to consume what is marketed. This trend is evidently observable in this scenario. Both the book stores are offering books which reinforce the stereotypical images on Asian culture. Interestingly, this trend does not limit itself to a particular genre of books. Right from travel guides to fiction, books confirming certain cultural notions are readily available in both the stores. Interplay of liberalized open world marketing strategies and orientalism is observable in the kind of books that both the stores are selling.
Being a classic, Kafka’s ‘On Parables’ was available in both the stores. The number of copies on the rack suggested that this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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