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In the case between the agency and the male candidate, I side with the agency because it is obvious that the agency employed affirmative action rules in its hiring decision. The male candidate in the interview, who was equally qualified as the woman candidate that was eventually…
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Download file to see previous pages They further suggest that the purpose of affirmative action is not to create reverse discrimination (Cosson, 2010). Affirmative action is now embraced by businesses in their hiring strategies and models. While it brings with it some disadvantages such as reverse discrimination, it also has a wide range of advantages. These include; diversity in the work place, increased moral commitment by companies and increased opportunities for minority groups. Therefore, the benefits that stream from affirmative action exceed the disadvantages. In the case between the male candidate and the agency, the agency was right in reaching its decision of hiring the female candidate. This is because the agency, in making its decision, embraced the fact that besides from creating increased opportunities for women who are qualified, diversity in the work place was also fostered. Diversity enables organizations to draw more insight from different employees especially in problem solving. In the above case, two major issues emerge. Firstly, affirmative action remains controversial and divisive. Secondly, it creates a whole range of merits and demerits. It is controversial and divisive because it tends to favor certain groups of persons such as women, and at the same time appear discriminative against others. Its advantages are increased opportunities for minority groups such as Hispanics, diversity in the work place, and an increased moral obligation to society by businesses (Cosson, 2010). However, on the other hand, affirmative action policies create room for stigmatization and reverse discrimination
The main challenge with affirmative action is visibly the issue of discrimination. While affirmative action policies drum support for equality and diversity in the work place, the issue of discrimination remains unresolved. The writer clearly shows that the male candidate was obviously discriminated against in the form of gender, all in the name affirmative action. Discrimination ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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