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Sure Thing portrays the events of the modern life of love and gender while Odyssey focuses on old times. However, the two literature books have a common aspect of love and gender. They mostly…
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Download file to see previous pages She believes that one day they will meet and celebrate together as a family. Odysseus enjoys a luxurious life with Calypso (Mitchell, Adrian & Homer 43). However, he admits that his wife cannot be compared to Calypso that is why he plans for a homecoming. Although he encounters different challenges in his homecoming, he is focused to arrive at his home. He is confident in all his undertakings and the thirsts for glory. The focus he has in attaining his goal clearly portrays the meaning of love.
Additionally, the place of women in relation to gender is clearly portrayed in Odyssey. Telemachus after his father’s departure takes over his father’s estate and protects his mother. Although he is young, he is given a task to undertake simply because he is a man. Additionally, after his father’s departure, different suitors come in to take the position of Odysseus (Russel& Peter 63). His wife is not allowed to lead and express her opinion. Instead, the people prefer the young man, although he is not old enough to take up the leadership position.
Consequently,when Odysseus disappears, she gets pressure from suitors who want her to remarry. However, Penelope does not lose faith in her husband. Despite all the requests she gets from the suitors she upholds her position. Her reactions portray that she loved her husband. She spends nights weeping in her bed. However, as a result, of the pressure from the public, she responds to the suitors by giving them a challenge. Her unyielding love for Odysseus makes her believe that they will soon be back together (Kolker& Robert 45). She says that she will remarry after certain conditions are fulfilled.
Subsequently, Penelope gives a challenge which she knows that her husband is the only person who can win it. She does this to appease the members of the community. However, she knows what she wants in life, and her decision is final in the matter. Although members of the society thing that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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