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How to acquire wisdom - Assignment Example

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Wisdom is associated with old age but not all old men possess the trait. In both stories Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom and King Lear by William Shakespeare the main characters Lear and Morrie acquire wisdom after painful experiences of suffering and tribulation. …
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How to acquire wisdom
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Download file to see previous pages The author takes the approach of love in a manner to suggest its influence is like a natural calamity and is beyond human intervention; more like fate. To King Lear, love was conditional and one needed to be submissive to his quests in order to get what she wants (Shakespeare, Raffel and Bloom 99). Though Cordelia was his most favorite among all his daughters, she refused express love to her father the way the other sisters did. King Lear wanted to receive love but never had the slightest idea about how to give out love contrary to his view on love Morrie believed love is unconditional and a give get idea (Bond and Mulligan 100). Morrie suggests that it is better to die rather than live a life without love.
The episodes speak much about how people participating in a love activity should care, support and show concern for the members who need it. The imperativeness of love begets all other wants including leading a destructive path. Morrie emphasis on love and family was stirred up by his life set up (Bond and Mulligan 118), The book speaks of how he grew up having no affection and love. Both Morrie and King Lear learned virtue of love the hard way, Morrie lacked love in his early life while King Lear learned the value of unconditional love when her daughter Cordelia whom he had disowned returned and stayed with him since the other daughters disowned him though they claimed to love. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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