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Success - Definition/Exemplification - Essay Example

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However, this meaning has lots of variants among different individuals in respect to their varied perspectives. For some, success might be just accumulation of money or material possession, but for others,…
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Success - Definition/Exemplification
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Download file to see previous pages In this argumentation, the definition of success is discussed in relation to the common understanding of the term along with a detailed personal interpretation of it. The existing notion of success as a tangible achievement is contended with personal opinions focusing on my own experience, attitudes, and viewpoints. In this discussion, success is viewed as a progressive realization of self-worth and happiness attained from your own passions.
Success as an accomplishment is an existing definition which could be insufficient by many means as it does little in interpreting the real meaning of success. When you associate success with accomplishment or achievement, it puts everyone in the same bowl, irrespective of their efforts. Whoever achieves a particular goal cannot be a successful person. For instance, a man who has received an honorable rewarding position in the company because of his influential father or relative is less successful than a man who achieves it through experience, hard work, and academic excellence. In both the cases, the achievement is the same, but the value of their success differs. This is why success cannot be always associated with accomplishments.
Similarly, in the contemporary world, success is frequently associated with material possessions and worldly achievements. This notion of success also seems to be less apprehensible in terms of the intangible virtue of success. Some might argue that personal success is often tied to one’s career, relationship, and family rather than social status or money. But still, money plays a major role in identifying one’s success in the society. This convinces some people to attribute monetary accomplishments and material possessions for evaluating their success in life. However, the truth is that success based on such tangible things is always ephemeral. The materialistic culture of the society is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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