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Process analysis : How to shoot the perfect free throw - Essay Example

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A free throw or a foul shot is a chance that a referee awards a player to make an unopposed attempt to score from a restricted…
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Process analysis : How to shoot the perfect free throw
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Download file to see previous pages Organization of perfect free throws requires a processional approach of organization. This enables the team to gain control and defend appropriately in case of a miss. The shooter occupies his space, which is always behind the foul shots’ line. Also known as, the free throw line, the foul shot line is always 5.8 meters from the base and 4.6 meters from the basket. As the shooter occupies his or her strategic position in the pitch, the other players must also assume their position in readiness for the shoot. They stand in their respective positions until the shooter releases the ball.
The rules of the game permit up to four players from the defending team and two players from the shooting team to line up along the lane. This gives the appearance of a three line up on each side of the line with players from the defending team lining up closest to the ring. They lie up along the restricted area in readiness to rebound the ball thereby keeping the ball in play. However, they must time their action by beginning any movement on after the ball leaves the shooter’s hand.
A perfect throw requires both agility of the shooter and his adherence to the rules of the game. A perfect shooter should always have appropriate height and strength to through the ball. Additionally, the shooter must have precision, which remains a vital aspect in the game. Key among the provisions of throwing is the shooter must throw the ball within five seconds of the whistle. In the United States, however, they release the ball within ten seconds. While releasing the ball, the shooter must never step on or over the line of free throw until the ball reaches the ring. The shooter is free to jump during the throw. However, they must not leave the labeled area during the throw.
This validates the claim that making a perfect free throw requires precision since the shooter must aim at the ring and can even jump while doing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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