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Presentation Globalisation Outline & speech notes - Essay Example

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Globalization is referred to as the process by which economies, cultures, and societies have become connected through communication, technology, and transportation. Qatar, my home country have been greatly affected by globalization both positively and negatively (Miyajima,…
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Presentation Globalisation Outline & speech notes
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Download file to see previous pages a considerable achievement in avoiding economic crises and achieving its current situation of macroeconomic stability, the country’s economic performance in the last 40 years was below its potential. Globalization has played a big part in reforming the economy of Qatar (Basu, 2008). This paper delves some of the impacts of globalization, with a close focus on the economy, education, and foods and diet to Qatar. Moreover, the paper also looks at these impacts at personal level.
2) Globalization has also enabled Qatar to export its products and resources natural gasses and oil to other countries all over the world. Regional agreements that govern the movement of people and commodities have created opportunities both at national and international levels.
1) People originating from different countries can now look for jobs in different countries. Personally, globalization will enable me to look for a job in any part of the world after I complete my studies. Moreover, my parents who are businesspersons can sell their products as well as buy products from various parts of the world.
2) On the other hand, I must be very competent for me to be employed since I will be competing with other people from various countries. Moreover, the products produced by our family business will have to face the stiff completion from good from the rest of the world.
2) Globalization has led to Introduction of new languages in the learning institutions. This expands the opportunities for the learners since they can look for jobs in other countries that use the newly introduced languages (Basu, 2008).
1) Globalization has led to increased per capita income, higher living standards, and high educational quality in Qatar. These aspects are associated with economies that have high literacy levels among its citizen. Personally, I have been able to study in the United Kingdom where the education system is of a higher quality when compared to that of my home country. Studying from abroad ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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