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America Identity - Essay Example

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As I pursued my undergraduate degree, I came to the realization that this was not the norm. Beforehand being delivered a survey about myself, I…
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America Identity
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Download file to see previous pages  This essay focuses on the evolving nature of the American identity as well as discussing immigration issues, racial equality, diversity, assessing the nation’s failures and successes in these fields.
While pursuing my undergraduate level, we were asked by our lecture if we were second generation Americans. The term “second generation Americans” had never occurred to me in my previous experiences, let alone connect with my individuality before, but it certainly applied to me (Foundation Kelley, 1). I learnt that, apart from out of roughly thirty students in my class only two of us were second generation Americans. The rest of the students were like the parental side of my family.
A lot of American people perceive that the American creed as the key of American identity. The American Creed outlines the representation of the principles of liberty, equality, identity, representative government, and private property. Individuality is a complicated matter, particularly because it is such a flawed theory (Foundation Kelley, 1). Personal identities are always fluctuating and unstable as we have past familiarities and mirror upon our past and present circumstances. We do different individualities around different people and it becomes unbearable to agree. For instance, my name varies subject to what the crowd of people I am with. When am with my college friends, they know me with a different name from my High School and work friends.
The most critical aspect with regard to my American identity is the fact that, my founding parents were immigrants. However, this has constantly made me feel more American. My founding parents move here from their place of origin have always made the melting pot more factual to me. I’m confident that if they had been immigrants to somewhere else, I would be a much different person compared to now. Growing up hearing, listening and knowing another language ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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