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University of Arizona tradition paper: Spring Fling - Essay Example

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The event has grown over the years to be now the largest carnival event in the United States of America that is run by students. The tradition has…
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University of Arizona tradition paper: Spring Fling
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Download file to see previous pages It is funds are used for the betterment of the Associated Students and the student clubs linked to it (McGill, 2012).
Spring Fling as an event has several activities that feature in it; this includes more than 25 rides and games. There is plenty of food stuff that is given through outlets known as food booths. The foods distributed through the food booths include roasted corn, corn dogs and cotton candy. The food booths are not owned by the university, but by the clubs. More than forty clubs in the University of Arizona normally have booths at the event thus making economic gains (McGill, 2012).
It is approximated that the income generated through the Spring Fling ranges between $ 30,000- $ 40, 000. A portion funds see to it that the member clubs that participated in the event organization benefits. Parts of the funds are redistributed to the community (Tucson) through the member clubs. The redistribution is done through service projects like ‘Ronald McDonald House’ and the Ben’s Bells (McGill, 2012).
The management of Spring Fling as an event is normally steered by 8 student leaders that serve in the director’s capacity. These directors (through co-ordination) work throughout the annual calendar to ensure that the event is successful. The basic activities done during the event are through the support of student volunteers that are normally more than 1, 500 in number. The directors and volunteers are also supported by the affiliated staff of the University of Arizona to see the event a success (McGill, 2012).
The Spring Fling is associated with the AS University of Arizona Student Government program and its constituent clubs. These two groups are the ones that choose the directors of the activities associated with the tradition. The ASUA Student Government Program and the directors ensure that the program is planned and the plan implemented. The constituent clubs help as volunteers to make the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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