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I enjoy running - Essay Example

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I truly enjoy jogging, the very act makes me feel so refreshed and revitalized, and every stride I take with momentum enthralls my mind and lures my being to move endlessly. I fell in love with jogging, after falling in depression for a two month period. The best advise that…
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I enjoy running
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Download file to see previous pages This is because running has had such a tremendous effect on my life in all spheres, it has, in a nutshell completed me wholly.
Running has provided me with many precious opportunities, sticking to many different paths always took me to different places, that translated to many different faces. I would jog until i find a dead end, and so I would humbly scan for any person around for directions, often times a simple enquiry for directions would result in a twenty minutes talk as we’d discuss various issues as pertained the occasion, also, through running I have been able to develop my social skills with other joggers and also acquired great communication and interpersonal skills which are needful in one way or another in organizing jogging events or even sharing our personal opinions on our hobbies. Nowadays I find that am a lot talkative than I was earlier since there is always a fire within me that seeks to express myself to others with hope that I shall get to hear what drives them as well. I have also realized that it has become so easy for me to create rapport with other people as compared to my earlier years. In consequence, running has had such a wonderful effect on me, it has enabled me to appreciate people as they are and respect them for who they are, jogging alongside people of all ages early in the morning before rushing to class has taught me how to appreciate company, do it with a team.
Another effect that running has had on me is the development of perseverance and commitment, since I have always set imaginary goals on all my jogging activities, I have always tried so hard to reach my targets, though I have failed severally in the past, I have come to know that nothing is impossible for a dedicated person who is committed to achieving his/her goal. I have smashed my jogging record severally in a bid to astonish myself. I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I Enjoy Running Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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