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The Features And Problems Of The Educational Process - Essay Example

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The paper "The Features And Problems Of The Educational Process" discusses John Dewey essay that deals with education as a social institution and the problems that are facing education and the curriculum. He writes that education starts from childhood and continues to shape an individual…
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The Features And Problems Of The Educational Process
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Download file to see previous pages He insists that education is on the level of psychological and sociological, these two are combined to mold an individual in the society to be their own person in the civilized society that is and continues to be, it trains them to have use of all their capabilities. He purposes school as a social institution that should be used to simplify life for the young minds so that they do not become confused or have their capabilities develop prematurely (Dewey 463). It expounds and forms the social life that is installed at home, the information imparted in schools and lessons learned is a preparation for the future. The teachers in the school should not control or command the kids rather see influences that will positively affect the child’s future and examinations that test the child’s fitness for social life. The social life of a child is based on their social activities, thus the subject matter of the education taught in schools should progress civilization (Dewey 464). It should not be objective but help interpret past experiences and develop new attitudes and interests. The author tries to inform us that when a child is involved in a passive and absorbing attitude rather than active and experimental the result is waste and friction (Dewey 465). Laws and regulations should not be imposed because education is the moral duty of any society in order to shape itself in its own direction.
John Dewey uses repetition and examples in his essay My Pedagogic Creed to convince his audience that is mainly the educators, parents of young students, and the community that instant education reform is of utmost importance for the proper social and psychological growth of children. He uses strong emotion and opinions on how the subject matter of the education should be and what he thinks is the duty of the teachers and the society in instilling education in a child. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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