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John Fowless The Collector - Essay Example

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The essay "Collector John Fole" describes a perspective is important for the perception of literary work. In the case of the collector John Faul, the point of view is crucial. The reader is presented with two narratives of the first person, who represent prospects…
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John Fowless The Collector
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Download file to see previous pages In addition to this, the author of the novel chooses this very way of delivering the story with the aim to manipulate the reader’s attitude and view of the characters, events, and ideas described in the novel. Through the comparison of the descriptions of one and the same event, it becomes clear how the author influences the audience’s feelings by means of using two perspectives. From Clegg’s perspective, Miranda acts like a violent attacker, not a victim: “She had me at her mercy, it was a miracle she didn’t do me in” (Fowles). By this, Clegg presents himself as a victim, and the audience is positioned to experience some sort of sympathy towards him. In Miranda’s perspective, the opportunity to escape is a game of chance. She appears not as a merciless attacker; in fact, she hesitates whether she should use the opportunity: “It was like waking up out of a bad dream. I had to hit him and I couldn’t but I had to”. Due to the fact that Miranda cannot hurt her kidnapper emphasizes the awfulness of the situation and makes the audience sympathize with her even more and, at the same time, makes the reader question her inability to kill Clegg. Overall, by the use of two perspectives, the author instigates hesitation in the audience and makes reader choose whose side to take in the story. Despite the fact that at some moment the reader may feel pity for Clegg, it is obvious that this feeling is not so strong because of the way he behaves toward Miranda. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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