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Today, unlike it was before, business organizations have resorted to online marketing, thanks to the internet. For it to access the largest…
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Extract of sample "Tryst"

Download file to see previous pages It does this by reviewing all the important features that make the web site to be useful to the coffee house, its clientele and all other stakeholders.
To begin with, I would like to point out is a well designed web site. It has got a lot of features that qualify it as a credible web site. Most important of all, is the fact that the web site is quite aesthetic. As a company, Tryst Coffee is very much aware that the success of its web site heavily relies on its design. To appeal to Tryst’s target audience, it needs to be attractive and interesting to see, navigate and surf. I am making this point because, upon a thorough scrutiny, I realized that the web site has got pages which are not only organized, but also have got clear, well illustrated, relevant and readable information. I commend this as a good decision because it can enable the web site to attract and retain readers to constantly visit it.
Besides, the web site has a visible homepage as one of its features. This, as I found out, is a section, in which the company has posted all the important information regarding the company’s services. In it, were sections like contact us; about us; menu; events, mission; and vision. These are very important pieces of information that the company need to avail to the clients. They can enable the clients to know much about the company. Had it not been there, I would not have known about the menu and different food, beverage and beer brands offered by the business. I therefore feel that it was a good idea for the company to include this section in the web site as it touch on sensitive areas that should not be left out in the web site.
Moreover, the web site appeared credible and genuine because it did not leave out the company’s contact details. In it were the right and up dated information on the company’s official postal address, email address and telephone numbers. All these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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