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History of the camera - Essay Example

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Living in the world of innovation, people perceive the word “camera” as such that is not surprising because every day they use numerous modern technological devices including cameras, phones, laptops and so forth. At the mention of “the camera” there is probably another…
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History of the camera
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Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless the photographic technology does not stand still, and over time people have learned how to stop the moment by invention of more convenient in use and less bulky camera. Through a variety of research projects, scientists moved to our contemporary – the portable camera, which bears little resemblance to its historical brother. The innovation has stepped so far ahead that the camera skillfully built into the phone can be found in the pocket of almost every person. In our research project, we review the features of the innovative technologies and the use of different techniques for improvement of prototype camera, having studied the history from the invention of the camera to its modern digital similar.
The first notes and ideas about the reflection of objects are rooted in ancient times of China and Greece with the continuation in the 11th century experimental work of Arab scientist Ibn al-Haytamnd. These notions are about the first pinhole camera (or the camera obscura) that is able only reflect an image with its next observation or tracery by hand [Fig.1]. Then Frenchman Joseph Nicephore Niepce enters the timeline of cameras. “The first experimenter who puts a camera obscura together with permanent images made by light – who both captures and saves an image – is where the real story of camera begins” [4]. He invents the one with a lens and a sliding tube which looks like a box of illusionist and really creates miracles – Niepce has received his first photo in 1826. It is the first time a picture is made by the machine not by an artist; it is the birth of photo. Alas, the authors name is undeservedly forgotten as according to the world encyclopedias Daguerre is considered to be a pioneer of photography.
“Jacques Daguerre, another Frenchman, developed a process that used copper plates to record an image, and daguerreotypes quickly became the preferred photographic medium for portraits and other subjects” [2]. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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