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Voices of Youth Violence - Essay Example

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The world is full of many bad things, violence, brutality, discrimination and the most vulnerable group is the youth. The psychology of change plays a bid role in enhancing how people should relate with each other by defining the rules of engagement. …
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Voices of Youth Violence
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Download file to see previous pages The youth are a very vulnerable group in the society and should always be handled with care. Not that they are delicate but they are an easy target when it comes to danger.
The rules of engagement for a changed society that is ready to adopt t new way of doings things should be founded on honesty and respect as suggested by therapist Pipher. Understanding the rules of engagement, such as tone in arguments of the youth, would be much easier to solve their issues and come up with a more organized society when it comes to decision making processes. The youth deserve respect, and need to be heard when airing their voices about violence or for how long shall they cry go unanswered?
Their decision making process is compromised and any attack which will be launched on them despite of type will for sure compromise their activities. The Dalai Lama posits that “The purpose of life is to be happy and to make others happy. From a keen perspective, these words and more so Harvey’s statement from his book do carry a natural and much more attention to the platitudes of politicians that motivates one to realize that such cases which lead to the death of young people in the society are generated and instigated by a certain group of people which in one way or the other, leave an indelible mark on people’s psyche. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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