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Critical Thinking Reflection - Essay Example

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While poverty is more predominant in third-word countries, the US and other developed nations also experience poverty. Poverty in most cases refers to the scarcity or the inability to acquire…
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Critical Thinking Reflection
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Download file to see previous pages Most government in the world are developing methods to improve on the lives of their citizens. America is no exception. This part of the paper will be looking at how America can reduce its citizens’ poverty.
There are several methods through which the issue of poverty can be addressed. The most important is through creating jobs. The best pathway to avert poverty is through a decent income. America needs about 5.6 million new jobs so that the country can avoid heading deeper into poverty (Sherman, 2011). To create jobs, the federal government should consider investing in strategies such as rebuilding infrastructure, renovating abandoned housing structures, developing non-renewable energy, and so on.
Raising the minimum wage is also another method of combating inequality. Today’s minimum wage is $7.25 which cannot be able to lift a family of three out of poverty. If the minimum wage is raised from that figure to about $10.10, nearly 20 percent of children will see their parents receive a raise which will reduce poverty (Wage & Primer, 2014).
Gender inequality is one of the contributing factors of poverty in most parts of the world. Women usually earn less than their male counterparts even when they are doing the same job and have same level of qualification. If the wage gap is closed, poverty in women will be cut by half and will add almost half a trillion dollars to the US GDP (Seguino, 2009). To bridge this gap, employers should be held accountable if they have any discriminatory salary practices.
The above question required the use of critical thinking to develop not only a logical but also relevant and accurate response. In America, poverty is not as pervasive as it is in countries for instance in Asia or Africa. The process of critical thinking helped in gathering the information presented in Part “1” of the paper. To identify the actual number of people that are in poverty, it is crucial to first understand and define what poverty is, which I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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