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Social Technology - Essay Example

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Technology has changed so much that it has made us robots. Sherry Turkle whose research focuses on the growing technology and how it affects our social life writes that “we are always connected from…
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Social Technology
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Download file to see previous pages She later conceives this idea, perhaps that person view himself absent and hence never minding to talk his personal business in public. The attachment human kinds have with their electronic gadgets had “turned them cyborgs” (35-36), she writes.
It has the ability to make us feel alone, secure and reminiscing about happy moments. It gives solace in the kindest ways human beings have never invented. “With it”, Sherry observes, referring to collections of his connectivity, “it is not just that I keep remembering people or I have more ideas”, I feel sociable, invisible. It’s like I’m naked without it. (35-36). People would always prefer to be connected to their “world” as it provides solace. There is no room for feeling unhappy about anything and have nostalgic feeling.
We are always called to multitask with the invention of the new technology. Most people hardly get sleep or wake up in their right foot before being engaged with their gadgets. Sherry observes an interesting point, “I have discovered that informing myself about daily profession demands is not a healthy way to start or end my day, but state has been unhappily continuing” (36- 37). The connected world have provided so much solace to us such we are already entangled to it and despite persistent efforts to sway away from such behaviors, it is evidently hard to stop. It seems we have irreversibly changed to be robots.
At adolescent stage, it is all about finding identity. Most of us at that stage hardly know what to settles on and the mind is always in constant struggle deliberating on matters of life. That the past, with the current trends in communication technology, young people find space that they cherish on being “online”. They find that desirable space that seems to bring one’s identity as Sherry notes, “connectivity has the potential to offer new dimension on identity, and particularly in adolescence, it brings the sense of free space ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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