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Learning experience of international students - Essay Example

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A foundation course is a one-year grounding training undertaken by international students finishing high school exams and would wish to pursue their first degree in the UK. The foundation course typically serves as school leavers who studied previously under a Non-British…
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Learning experience of international students
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Download file to see previous pages The course helps the international students to improve their English. Understanding English, as a language will aid future success and understanding of other courses taught and examined in English as the authenticated language. Learning of English helps the international students in socialization and interaction with the native students and other professions within the new environment. The socialization will positively contribute towards and team pulling towards completing and conducting a group research.
The foundation course offers the international students an ample time and space to familiarize with the new environment. Familiarization with the new locality in terms of weather conditions, social relations and the surrounding eliminates the associated frustrations that may arise (Quan, Smailes & Fraser 2013, p. 416). The frustrations may shift and deviate the international students’ concentrations thereby compromising quality of academic performance during the course work. The adverse, unfamiliar weather conditions may interfere with an international students’ successful pursuit of a degree program in UK. During the pursuit of the foundation courses, international students get the opportunity to adjust to the new environment. Structures and the human traffic in UK may compromise an international students’ academic performance in his or her degree program. Limited mastery of UK streets may failure and slower capabilities in tracing directions that will lead to lateness and an eventual drop in academic performance because of the missed lectures and tutorials.
The foundation courses help international students to familiarize with UK lifestyle and culture as they prepare to pursue the primary or core degree courses. Understanding the new culture and lifestyle will be beneficial in terms of interactions with the natives to offer a conducive and friendly study environment. UK lifestyle and meals are significant aspects that relate directly to an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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