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The rewards of living a solitary life by May sarton - Research Paper Example

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Through her perception, she introduces an acquaintance who she describes as having found the joy of spending some time alone. The setting of the rendezvous is New…
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The rewards of living a solitary life by May sarton
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Download file to see previous pages She notes that the man shockingly discovered that he could enjoy himself alone just as much as he would have been in the company of people (Pike and Acosta).
In retrospect, Sarton wonders what the man had been afraid of all along. Nevertheless, having found himself alone, Sarton observes that the man is on the brink of adventure to explore himself and to launch himself into his own inner space. She likens the experience to that of an astronaut in outer space. She posits that the new experience will bring to him freshness that would seem original in the beginning. Moreover, she interjects that anyone able to see for himself using his naked eye becomes a genius for a moment or two. On the other hand, when our perception is influenced by other people’s ideas, the original impact becomes diffused or gets lost (Pike and Acosta).
One may ask, are we alone or do we exist as a single cell in a population of a billion other cells in the universe? We may argue that it all depends on what life one chooses to live and what benefits one the most. May Sarton opines that solitude is the salt that flavors personhood. Arguably, solitude helps one discover himself or herself away from the interferences accrued from interacting with other people. She retorts that being alone does not necessarily mean that one is lonely. Furthermore, people do feel lonely even in the company of others. She observes that people feel lonely in the company of their lovers and others because people suffer from their differences in taste , mood and temperament. Human interaction demands that people soften their perception and withdraw at the fear of hurt. However, being alone enables one to explore oneself wholly at whatever place, whichever time (Pike and Acosta). Quite a fascinating luxury, if I may add!
May Sarton provides a description of her life and apparently her schedule throughout the day. It ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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