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Problem in your local community - Essay Example

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This is because women are equal counterparts to the men and not their inferior subordinates. Therefore, communities should stop stereotyping of gender roles. A gender role is…
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Problem in your local community
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Download file to see previous pages According to traditional settings and history, the man usually stands as the breadwinners of the family. He works hard to earn money in order to support his family from outside work. The woman on the other hand is the caretaker of the family. She stays at home to take care of household chores, take care of the children, and to support the men. However, in modern times, there is a split in gender roles as more women are increasingly becoming breadwinners of their families, providing the majority of household income and needs. Gender roles grow closer by the day as we now have more and more stay-at-home dads taking care of the children while their wives go to work.
Every society has a mechanism that allows for variations in the gender roles or sexuality of their members. This allows males to perform female chore while the men perform masculine chores. In the olden tradition, this was berdache, where a male who did not have strengths, skills and expertise equaled to his fellow male counterparts played the female gender roles while the strong men went to work. In modern societies, there is little or no emphasis on genders roles. In fact, they advocate for empowerment of women and education of the girl child. Hence the slogan, what a man can do a woman can do better. This shows just how open the society is to free participation of gender roles for both sexes. Men can work in jobs that were traditionally feminists, such as hairdressing and beauty therapy, while the women can also perform functions that traditionally were for the men, e.g. leadership and administration. Both sexes are equal and can perform each other’s roles as competently as possible (Fausto-Sterling 19).
The success of this development angles around the various feminists movements that took place across the world championing for the equal rights of women within the society. In fact, governments and other ruling ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Problem in Your Local Community Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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