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Response to James Baldwin Artical - Essay Example

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This is the main concept that the article written by James Baldwin highlights. In his view, the slaves who learned English as a language did not all speak the same, because their roots were…
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Response to James Baldwin Artical
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Extract of sample "Response to James Baldwin Artical"

Download file to see previous pages The article also analyses the pattern of how persons from England speak to how individuals born in America communicate and finally how various races such as blacks do (Baldwin, 2). He adds that language is the vivid key to identity and when it misses you have nothing. The article also looks at how language ranges from region to another. Furthermore, article written by James Baldwin highlights how some words and phrases were transferred from the Black English into White English after their meanings were altered a little bit. Baldwin uses various examples such as “Jazz” and “sock it to me.” Finally, Baldwin states that the language portrays the private identity of the speaker; by the way one use the language, they reveal information about their parents, their school, their salary, their self-esteem and probably future. Baldwin makes a good argument in his article and applies a lot of logic to support what he claims.
Language spoken by our societies brings people together. People develop a sense of belonging, and they leave the side by side. The same language may also be used to divide the same society. As the writer says “It goes without saying, that language by itself is also a political instrument, means, and proof of power.” This quote is essential as it adds to our understanding of language variations and issues of social justice since language is power. In addition, language is a “political instrument” and controlling language in a way gives people power. Language is a great instrument for societal growth and development. Moreover, language is the vivid key to identity and when it lacks one has nothing because it varies with geographical distance. Most importantly the analysis of this specific quote points to the fact that if an individual has good communication widely ranging worldwide then that individual has a grand power. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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