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Explore the ways in which Bernard ODonoghue presents the sense of loss in Round the Campfire and consider to what extent it is typical of ODonoghues poetry - Coursework Example

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O’Donoghue opens “round the campfire” in a style that highlights the dominant themes of his poetry, including the serenity of rural neighborhoods, the recall of homely memories about the past and the acknowledgement of mortality.1The opening lines make reference to the…
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Explore the ways in which Bernard ODonoghue presents the sense of loss in Round the Campfire and consider to what extent it is typical of ODonoghues poetry
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Extract of sample "Explore the ways in which Bernard ODonoghue presents the sense of loss in Round the Campfire and consider to what extent it is typical of ODonoghues poetry"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from highlighting the sense of loss, O’Donoghue appeared to coil the memories around the theme of mortality, which is a common feature of his poems. The lines that highlighted the weight of the loss included “she darted laughing,
From the van, dodging hooves, Better than anyone. She sang Dingle Bay all down the MI”.3In the second stanza, the poet introduces the reader to the memories of her daughter, and the memories that made the loss extremely painful. The memories highlighted the weight of loss included her liveliness, and the joy of the moments spent together, during the day that she died. The sense of loss is demonstrated through the poet’s ability to reflect the theme of loss in the style of writing and also the contents of the poem.
After introducing the reader to the memories that made the loss of the daughter a source of pain, the poet explains the events leading to her death, through stating that “she died, I couldn’t say”.4The poet expresses the unexplainable nature of the events leading to the death, and then moved ahead to the last memories about the daughter in the fourth stanza.5At the fifth stanza O’Donoghue added some beauty to the memories related to the last moments, including the properties that did not have identified owners.6 At the sixth stanza, the poem reinforced the sense of loss, by reminding the reader about the memories that lingered in his mind about the daughter. The poetic style gave the indication that O’Donoghue is emphasizing the themes of lost memories and mortality.
The poet makes reference to real and figurative things, including dodging hooves, which could be an indication of her movement and pace as she left the van, during the last moments they spent together. The poet could probably tell about the causes of the death of the daughter, and also a form of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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