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Inquiry 1 creative nonfiction - Essay Example

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The movie was written and directed by Adam Elliot. The production of the movie was done by Melanie Coombs. The film was first released in June 2009 at the Sundance film…
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Inquiry 1 creative nonfiction
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Download file to see previous pages fellow classmates at school due to an unfortunate birthmark appearing on her forehead while at home, she receives less support from her kleptomaniac and alcoholic mother together with her absentee father. Her only sources of comfort and refuge comes from her pet rooster coupled by her favorite meals which us sweetened condensed milk. She prefers ti watch a murfs-like cartoon show known as The Noblets. One day as they had gone to the post office with her mother, Mary stumbles across a New York City telephone book and her curiosity drives her into wanting to know more about the Americans. She decides to write to one of the addresses in the book in a bid to establish more facts about the Americans.
She randomly chooses Max Jerry Horowitz and proceeds to write him a letter with a hope that they would become pen friends. The letter is well received by Max who is a 44 year old Jewish atheist and he decides to reply back to Mary owing to the fact that they have some shared interests. This leads into the two becoming very good friends which does not go well with Mary’s mother. Max becomes extremely anxious at the point collapse when Mary asked him about love. Upon his release from the hospital, he hesitates to write back to Mary for a long period of time. As a result Mary becomes despondent thinking that Max had completely forgotten about her.
There are a number of themes that have been highlighted by the movie upon close examination. Some of the major themes include neglect that is evident by the manner in which Mary is being treated by her parents. They are less concerned about her and do not care about her happiness neither do they seek to understand their only daughter. I think the producers of the film wanted to offer some life lessons to parents all over the world to watch out on how they are playing their roles as parents. This is a wakeup call to all parents to develop an understanding of their children. The theme of depression is made evident in the film in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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