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People hold varied views on this issue: some people are of the view that college education is the only mean to succeed in life and to achieve one’s goals in life; some other people…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on Bird’s article “College is a Waste of Time and Money”, the paper analyses and critiques the arguments that Bird offers in support of her view that college education is a sheer waste of time and money for the majority of people. The paper concludes with a recommendation on what need to be done so as to improve college education.
The main theses of Bird in her critical view of college education is that college education is not good for many young people, and many young people go to college not because they want to learn or they see any value in college education, but, they go to school for some other reasons. Bird claims that many young people go to college because of reasons that are not relevant to the actual meaning of education. For instance, Bird claims that many young people go to college simply because going to college has become the conventional thing to do after completing high school; Bird also claims that some other young people go to college because they do not want to work, so that they can get the financial support of their parents or taxpayers. Caroline Bird goes on to argue that since many students do not go to school willingly and they do not see any sense of college education, many of college students are sad and sullen throughout their college lives; the students feel unwanted and they feel that they have been damped in college to stay there temporarily because the world had no place for them. Consequently, Bird concludes that college education is a sheer waste of time and many. A critical review of Bird’s argument on this issue, however, reveals some logical fallacies that Bird committed in supporting her theses.
Before we expose the two logical fallacies in Bird’s argument in support of her theses, let us explain the main strength of Bird’s argument. The main strength of Bird’s argument ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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