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Pullotion - Essay Example

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This is a great country to the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf coast, which borders Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It has a rich history and lots of picturesque places to visit. But for the international community this is not the…
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Download file to see previous pages Here comes the main problem of this millennium: the insane destruction of the environment, as we think that we are in secure, which is far from the truth. A warm evening in a fun and friendly company once has completely changed my inner world. One day my friends and I after dinner in the restaurant decided to walk along the coast. We were laughing and having fun, and nothing seemed to be able to change that. But this time the coast wasnt pleasant. Everywhere were dead swollen fish, black sand and the stench in the air.
The childhood memory has arisen, though it was more than 15 years ago. It was a bright sunny day. I was looking forward to go with my parents to our favorite place on the Persian Gulf. Finally, it was the long-awaited meeting with the sea. I run to the shore, but everything was not as usual. Ugly oil stains fettered once azure water. On the white sand blackened terrible spots, and around were lying suffocated fish and black bodies of birds. Seagulls with feathers stuck together could not take off. The place which once was beautiful now has resembled an apocalyptic picture. I picked up a dying bird, trying in any way to help her and could not hold back my tears. Mom said it was all because of war, but then I could not even understand the full horror of the word. War destroys our lives, suddenly breaking into a cozy and familiar world. Even if the military battles are not taking place around of you, the horrors of war will catch you up in a place which seems to be rather peaceful.
Thus, the large oil reserves are not only the Gods blessing. It is these deposits of oil which became a stumbling block between Iraq and Kuwait. On August 2, 1990 the territory of Kuwait was invaded by numerous Iraqi soldiers and Iraq announced the annexation of Kuwait. Hundreds of thousands of people fled the country; thousands of the remaining were arrested or killed. Iraqis looted or burned almost all civilian objects and set fire to 700 oil wells. Almost a year after ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pullotion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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