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Initial reflection - Essay Example

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It has never been personalized or gone into depth on the different kinds of audiences until recently. The English class teacher teaches in…
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Initial reflection
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Download file to see previous pages I never knew that using proper fluent English was an issue for the people living in that area. When I stood to make my speech and give thanks, that is the time I learned I was supposed to address the audience in a certain way.
Slang is a native Black American language that originated from the slaves while working on the plantations. Slaves were forbidden from speaking any other language apart from English. The slaves led to the birth of Slang as a language among the Africa Americans people. I have lived in the poor people area of Amsterdam for about half a year that did socialize with black people. I moved to the suburbs where people spoke proper English, and I adapted to the system of proper English speaking people. From the time I joined University, I have been speaking in correct English.
The charity event was dominated by Black people, and everyone was speaking Slang. Since the speech I was making was official, I thought speaking fluent, proper English was appropriate. Speaking Slang does not mean one is stupid and can’t read and write. We have people who speak proper English, but still don’t perform well in school. It shows proper English has nothing to do with performance in the subject. African American identifies itself with the way they speak. They do a lot of code-switching while speaking. It is who they are. Slang makes someone cool, and speaking proper English make people raise eyebrows as to what one says. It does not apply to all Africa Americans, though each time someone criticized my language, it was the Black people.
I am used to speaking proper English now. My speech was written in proper and fluent English that many residents did not approve. Immediately after my first sentence, one of the kids interrupted me and demanded I speak a language more understandable. I had used the word “ecstatic” in explaining how glad I was to be part of the event. The kids insisted the use of simpler words like “happy” was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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