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Annotated Source List Assignment - Essay Example

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I have chosen to research on the impacts of internet to the publishers, authors, innovative masterminds and readers. In my paper I will inquire more on how development of internet has…
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Annotated Source List Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages I am going to use a book Impact of electronic publishing written by David J Brown and Richard Boulder-stone. The writers discuss the consequences of electronic publishing and recommends on how publishers, writers and readers can assess electronic materials. Three Views of the internet written by Ann Marie and Wendy Wicks is another book that I will put into consideration since it has articles about the use of internet in publishing Industry. In addition, I will combine books and an eBook: The misuse of information systems by John P D’Arcy and Encyclopedia of Internet technologies and applications by Mario marques respectively.
Other relative important articles that I have found helpful in doing the research include: Impact of Technology in Publishing by Hanno Ronte; impact of internet in the newspaper industry by George Wilbert.; and Effects of Information Technology on the Publishing Industry by Otuoma Sanya. The above articles will provide information on impacts of internet technologies in different publishing sectors. The articles will also provide information on how the internet has benefited and advanced publication sector.
Numerous inquiries have developed on the impacts of internet publishing. I am really befuddled and thinking about how publishers and authors gain yet their work is downloaded free from the internet unless in some few cases like in Amazon where books are sold. This sometimes lead to the authors and publishers being demoralized since they gain less from their hard work they put across ensuring that the work they present is of high quality. I have a tendency to surmise that the amount of cash used by a reader as a part of downloading the materials is shared among the internet administrators, publishers and scholars. Numerous creative writers are gaining a great deal of cash through posting their imaginative work.
I ponder what the internet has done to publishing commercial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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