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Read a story and analyse - Essay Example

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The fact that she was able to leave her child behind and not even realize it seems to be far-fetched for most people. She was assumed a very irresponsible individual who did not care about anyone but herself. Being charged with…
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Read a story and analyse
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Download file to see previous pages One of the interesting aspects of this case is the other characters mentioned in the story. For instance, Mary left Alison (her six-month-old daughter) in the house and went to see her mother. Was the mother not aware that Alison did not accompany Mary? Is there a possibility that her mother was not aware of Alison’s existence? This case covers a large number of light issues, but avoids some of the details that would have assisted the judges to determine if Mary was insane or mentally incapacitated, or if she was sane but just careless. Mary also went to her fiancé and lived there for a while before realizing that something was not right. Didn’t her fiancé question Mary of Alison’s whereabouts? Is there a possibility that her fiancé was not aware of Alison’s existence?
With the parties being witnesses in the case, such questions would have assisted in gauging the awareness and Mary’s mental capacity. As part of the judiciary, trying to understand Mary’s reality would be the first assessment. Her levels of prioritization are completely wrong. She considers pursuing her individual interests and forgets any other parties in her life, including her daughter. In the first case, the case presents Mary as to have intentionally killed Alison. She says that she had left Alison in the house knowing that she would be dead in a few days.
Whatever the case, most people might argue that Mary was not mentally capacitated to raise a child. Most people who abandon their children would have at least the courtesy to leave the baby at a location where another person might take care of the child. However, Mary would opt to leave the baby in her house with a stranger who was disabled, rather than have the child survives. However, she also says that while she was in California with her fiancé, she began to feel that something was wrong. It is evident that her testimony is rather conflicting. For instance, the case above indicates that Mary might have intended to kill ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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