Determine how the medias dissemination of racial and/or gender stereotypes (or just plain racism or sexism) alter the power structure of the oppressed - Essay Example

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These are women who sexually objectify themselves and the other members of the feminine population. Levy indicates that this group treats women as objects that are intended to be used for sexual pleasure. The comment the made…
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Determine how the medias dissemination of racial and/or gender stereotypes (or just plain racism or sexism) alter the power structure of the oppressed
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Extract of sample "Determine how the medias dissemination of racial and/or gender stereotypes (or just plain racism or sexism) alter the power structure of the oppressed"

Download file to see previous pages The FCPs use two major approaches in objectifying the female gender. The first strategy is by distinguishing themselves from the rest. This may entail going to strip clubs and talking about pornstars without understanding the implication it has on the perception of the society on ladies. The second approach that they use involves the choice of apparels and expressing the female stereotypes. They do so to appear to be the dominant group and believe that by doing so, they become the ultimate objects of male desire. This appears to be evident when Tyra banks refer to one of the participants in a contest that she did not look “medelsque” (Pozner 402)
There are several examples of FCPs in the society. The lipstick feminists are an example. This group believes that when they put up shows that attract men through the various female actors in certain kinds of attire, they will be empowering the females. “I could never be a stripper myself, but I think it would be sexually liberating” (Levy 267). These people believe that acts such as pole dancing empowers women rather than degrading and objectifying them. It is important to note that note all women who display the masculine traits are FCPs. There is a certain group that is traditionally born with traits that resemble those of men. As such, it will be very unfair for them to be classified under the female chauvinist pigs. In addition to that, such ladies do not struggle to create that masculine image and appearance as the FCPs and as such, they do not objectify their gender.
Levy points out that the FCPs are wrong on their belief that objectification empowers women. It is a stand that is agreeable considering the fact that a deep look into the real goals of feminist movements and that of the FCPS reveals that the two are antagonistic. In the feminist theory, the objectification is a very important issue and idea. It is deplorable and has been proven to contribute hugely to gender ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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