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When in 4th century BC Accent Greece philosopher Plato had elaborated and, basically, founded the philosophy of idealism (Platonism) he, of course, could not even imagine a possibility for humankind to get under the power of machines. The fear of artificial intelligence (AI) is…
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Thesis driven essay
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Download file to see previous pages Through the Allegory of the Cave, in his work The Republic, Plato describes the position of unenlightened man, and 24 centuries later, the main hero of Wachowski Brothers’ movie The Matrix, hacker Neo, makes his way from the Cave towards enlightenment.
According to Plato, human is caved in his/ her regular and familiar environment. He/ she does not ask questions, and does not will to change own life in more real and true way. Despite the ever-present possibility to start those changes, which Plato vividly describes as a light from the ideal world behind one’s back, most of the humans prefer to keep living in their familiar world of illusions, which is only a poor projection, a shadow of the ideal world. Unenlightened and delusioned man is a prisoner of his/ her own illusions. In Wachowski Brothers’ movie, the Matrix is a platform for humans’ illusions. Morpheus describes it as “the loading program”, “the construct for simulations” (The Matrix). Most of the people live in a common simulation, which is determined by AI. As Plato predicted, a more powerful “brain”, AI, had excelled human’s intelligence, and because the machine has no notion of morality, AI uses humankind brutally, but rationally for own benefit.
The image of a caved unenlightened man is almost literally illustrated in the movie, especially in the scene, where Neo wakes up in a capsule and find himself to be a caved, but in a rather modern and more technical way. He is a part of high-technical mechanism, where Plato’s chains are cables and leads. They chain Neo’s whole body, but what’s the most important, they chain Neo’s brain. The familiar environment looks dark and grey now, and very similar to the Cave. Morpheus says, this darkness was made by humans (The Matrix). To get free from AI control, and to get out of the capsule, Neo symbolically bursts those cables and leads, and find himself confused and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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