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Analysis paper - social media - Essay Example

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The aspect of social connectedness and isolation has been focused on by a growing number of writers such as Stephen, (2015). Social disconnectedness is a…
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Analysis paper - social media
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Download file to see previous pages networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and other social platforms have been found to be the major causes of loneliness among many people all over the world. This paper is a critical analysis of Stephen Marche’s argument that the use of Facebook tends to promote people’s preference for loneliness through solitude and isolation. In achieving this, I have discussed the contributions of Facebook on personal loneliness among various groups of people across the world.
Among the key social networking sites commonly used today, Facebook, takes the largest share of online users compared to other social networking sites aforementioned. It is common to find people of different ages, academic levels, and social status deeply glued on Facebook, chatting, posting, writing comments on other friends’ posts or doing the mere liking of posts and comments made by their acquaintances. Lecturers have complained of deteriorating performances in their subjects even by their favorite students due to the influence of technology (specifically social networks). Besides, affecting their performances in various courses, fondness with social networking sites has increasingly isolated friendship ties between various students and their close allies.
Solitude is not a recent phenomenon in the society. The feeling has long been in existence since the advent of humanity. The perception and causes of solitude are, however, its most common determinant. Different from the traditional forms and causes of solitude, the current causes are self-inflicted other than natural. The natural conditions of solitude are seamlessly endurable since they were somehow beyond the reach of the victims. The need to express oneself as a move to defend ego and register high sensation among peers and friends keeps most Facebook users glued to their social sites trying to compose and post suitable posts and comments that would resonate appropriately with their acquaintances. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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