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Bussiness communication - Assignment Example

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On various occasions she has worked in late without demanding any extra pay, which has also benefited any person who would be in charge of opening…
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Bussiness communication
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Download file to see previous pages She is working for our store for the last three months and is an hourly employee.
A recent disruption occurred due to which our Company faced a considerable loss. Karl Martin, the manager of the store, informed me about Ms. Jackson’s late arrival. He stated that Ms. Jackson was one and a half hour late to work without informing any senior staff member. Several of our regular customers who went in to get their morning coffee complained that the store was closed. There was an overall loss of twenty customers and the company lost a hundred of dollars because of Ms. Jackson’s irresponsible behavior at work today. I myself went to the store two hours later and Ms. Jackson did not made any efforts to inform me. The recording of the CCTV footage shows that she did arrived late at work. I discussed this issue with Mr. Martin who himself was perplexed to have witnessed such disruptive behavior by his employee. We have thoroughly assessed the situation as the decision to be made is precarious.
This situation has presented us with limited options. As the store has newly opened, and is currently short on staff, we cannot dismiss Ms. Jackson for her mistake. There is only one applicant, Jerry Wright, who is not well-recommended. We are unwilling to hire him as he does not have a worthy track record and is not quite reliable for this job. Hiring new employees would not be a wise decision either, because the company would have to go through the process of training the employees which would be costly. In addition, we are not sure of the availability of new employees who may be willing to work in the store. This has left me to take a valid decision to let Ms. Jackson continue with her services.
I have pondered about this situation and the scenario has presented me to consider the valuable dedication with which Anna Jackson has worked. I personally feel that she would be facing some personal problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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