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Some of the things that we go through in life changes our life or help us to move to another level. In life, one learns several new things. However, after one is exposed to such things, it is easy to identify with such…
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My Experience In a English Class
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Download file to see previous pages I have also been able to improve on various issues relating to English as my second language. In this paper, I will talk about my experience in an English class.
The English class has helped me a lot in improving both written and spoken language. It is good to inform that English is my second language and hence joining English class was the best decision I ever made. In English class, I have learned several things that are basic and important in English language. The first thing that I learned and I felt was helpful was on the sentence. In class, I learned that a good sentence was the most important thing in any communication in English language. I learned that poor sentence was not good in formal communication. Therefore, in class I learned that the sentence should have a subject that is the name of the person or things talked about. The other part of the sentence that is of value is the ones tell about the subject. Hence, a mix of the two parts makes a sentence complete and offer meaning to what is being talked about.
The other part that I have learned in class is the use of various parts of speech. Examples of such parts of speech are the noun, verb and adjectives. These parts were helpful as I learned on the role they play in English language. I learned that they helped in any form of communication or writing that is concerned with English. I also learned that the combination of these parts helps in proper flow of information. On the other hand, I learned about various vocabularies in English. Learning of vocabularies was of great to me as English is my second language. I found that English hand various types of vocabularies that can have one or several meanings. Learning on various parts of English language has helped me to read some novels in English. Reading these novels has helped me improve my language.
Moreover, in class I have learned various things concerned in writing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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