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Parents should not allow electronic devices in their children's bedrooms - Essay Example

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The Canadian Pediatrics Society (CPS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommend that children aged 6-18 years should have their exposure to technology limited to 2 hours per day while those aged 3-5 years should have 1 hour per day with their devices (Facer et al.,…
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Parents should not allow electronic devices in their childrens bedrooms
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Download file to see previous pages Facer et al. (2003) argue that with children spending an average of seven hours per day on different forms of electronic entertainment media, there is need to control their media diet. Limiting the access to such electronic devices at home is a perfect starting point for any parent who intends on reducing their children’s dependence on these forms of entertainment media. According to Facer et al. (2003), creating ‘screen-free’ zones within the home, especially the children’s rooms, is one of the ways parents can minimize the time their children spend on electronic devices.
Parents should not allow children to have electronic devices in their bedrooms. This is because the children who have electronic devices in their bedrooms are at a higher risk of suffering the negative impacts of these gadgets due to long exposure hours. The problems that are associated with excessive use of electronic media include eating and sleep disorders, obesity, and difficulties in school because of attention problems. These are problems that most parents would like to protect their children from hence the need to reduce the hours the children are exposed to electronic devices.
Sleep deprivation is the other negative effect of electronic devices that affects children. For instance, Boston College survey stated that 75% of children who were allowed to use electronic devices in their bedrooms and a similar proportion aged 9-10 were sleep deprived and had their grades negatively affected (Facer et al., 2003). Of these children, 1 in every 11 is addicted to technology and media. With the children staying late to watch content that promote, among other things, physical and sexual violence, child aggression is likely to increase.
Facer et al. (2003) argue that the brains of infants grow between the ages of 0 and 2 years thus providing the appropriate environmental stimulus that is free from electronic devices improves development. Children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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