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Cracking Vocal Citizens against some of the Governments Operations - Admission/Application Essay Example

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An essay "Cracking Vocal Citizens against some of the Government’s Operations" claims that all people are supposed to enjoy their freedom without any intimidation from the government. Any person should be free to express his opinion without any form of interference. …
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Cracking Vocal Citizens against some of the Governments Operations
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Extract of sample "Cracking Vocal Citizens against some of the Governments Operations"

Download file to see previous pages This quote is valid. In the meantime, all people are supposed to enjoy their freedom without any intimidation from the government. Any person should be free to express his opinion without any form of interference. However, the person should be cautious not to affect the freedom of other people in the society. I think the society has become more modernized. As a result, people should be allowed to express themselves freely. In addition, currently, there are better mechanisms of deterring people from making speeches that are intimidating. For instance, people who are not happy about something can use the court structures and other available procedures to get justice. In addition, many people have been intimidated before based on their religious affiliations. As a result, this quote is valid for the protection of people’s religious decisions. However, these religious views should not affect other people’s freedom. On the contrary, as long as the religious views or personal opinions do not infringe on the rights of other people, then one is free to express them. Although the law was enacted in order to ensure that people observe ethical guidelines, one cannot be barred from expressing his personal opinions. However, these must be within the law. For instance, one cannot abuse the freedom to incite other people. In doing so, one will be going against the law of the land. According to the quote, we are living in a free world. Every human being is entitled to rights to hold and express his own opinions. Since the drafting of Universal Human Rights Declaration, the people have been given the freedom to express their ideas. Therefore, they are not supposed to be subjected to any form of suffering just because their ideas are differing with a certain school of thought which holds an opposite ideology. The ideas of this quote are valid. For decades, the world was subjected to dark days. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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