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Anishinabi Clan System - Essay Example

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This work is aimed to describe the basic features of the Anishinabi clan system and show our personal opinion concerning the clan system ability to be restored and develop and survive in the modern world. So, to do the assignment we need to deepen into the history of our world…
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Anishinabi Clan System
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Download file to see previous pages These people are also interrelated with a help of any kind of kinship – internal or external. In some cultures the representatives of the clan should be the relatives, they speak about the close and far, internal and external relationships, among their family members the representative of the clan under the study will enumerate all the known relatives; in this system each person had a specific name like the sibling of same gender was named niikaanis. So, we can say that the clan system is not a brand new thing in our world, but the clan system of Anishinabi is very peculiar. During our classes we studied the cultural, religious and historical features of the American clan system.
So, let’s take a close look at the peculiarities of the Anishinabi clan. The history of our society knows a lot of examples of the people’s unions, one of which is the clan system. There is not much information about the Anishinabis, but we can find enough to study their clan system. This is the group of people that lives in the North America. It was one of many Algonquian-speaking groups that inhabited this part of the continent now it is the last one that remained. The native inhabitants used to call this land the Turtle Island and created their myths around their native land. These people preserve their culture and traditions with a help of inter-tribal marriages and relations. The Anishinaabe clan incorporates the Odawa, Ojibwa, and Algonquin people, who inhabit the lands of the modern Ontario state. They are related by their traditions and language. To the point, we also have to mention that the whole clan was, and still is, divided into five main groups named: the Bimaawidaasi, the Giishkizhigwan, the Nooke, the Baswenaazhi and finally the Bemaangik. Originally the whole nation was divided into so-called odoodeman which equals the modern understanding of clans and groups. Each group had its own ruler who was also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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