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Li, Dongping et al. “School Connectedness and Problematic Internet Use in Adolescents: A Moderated Mediation Model of Deviant Peer Affiliation and Self-Control.” Journal of abnormal child psychology 41.8 (2013): 1231–1242. Print.
17. Boston, Mark et al. “Internet Use…
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MLA format

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Download file to see previous pages How to Empower Minors?” Comunicar 20.39 (2012): 65–72. CrossRef. Web. 8 Dec. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Exemplification Essay on the Importance of Exercise Sport science experts and health practitioners advocate for regular exercise and physical activity. These experts argue that exercises enhance the overall quality of life for an individual. However, lack of exercise does not imply the coming of an untimely death. In other words, exercises are undertaken for differentiated purposes, and the benefits realized in that process vary across the different activities incorporated in the exercise program that fits an individual. This means that the importance of exercising cannot be disputed. One of the outstanding benefits of exercising is related to health. Health practitioners hold that regular physical activity enhances the quality... Exemplifica...
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...Some life events can be depressing and really tragic, and it is your choice how to deal with them. Some people get immobilized by their burden; some tolerate them patiently and suffer, others prefer not to care. I realized that the ability to simply laugh in such circumstances is very helpful. I am absolutely sure now that every lesson has its meaning but sometimes it takes longer than you think to understand it. So humor is absolutely helpful in life because they say, if you cannot laugh at yourself, you just did not get the joke. Some years ago I had an interesting incident that taught me a lot about people`s nature, myself, and life in general. I had a circle of close friends who met years ago and studied together for some... life events ...
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