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The life of Mark Zuckerberg - Essay Example

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Facebook. The young programmer of a successful social network who is not surprisingly, a billionaire too, has an interesting…
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The life of Mark Zuckerberg
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Extract of sample "The life of Mark Zuckerberg"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of this essay is to sketch the darker side of Mark Zuckerberg’s personality, which is usually ignored.
Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most successful young developers, along with people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates etc. His success story, which started at a very young age and is very impressive, is however not without controversies and negativity. At one hand we see his apparently humble and simple self as he appears in public; on the other hand there is this haughty, selfish and immature side of him. Most of the times, greater focus is attached with his good and humble side, this essay however would highlight the other side of his personality.
He developed his first music streaming platform, while he was still in high school. At that time, AOL and Microsoft showed interest in his creation but they were boldly rebuffed by young Zuckerberg. This gives an early example of his haughty behavior. Any other high school kid would have been very excited and rather highly indebted to those great companies for showing their interest but Zuckerberg had graeter plans.
After getting into the prestigious Harvard University, Zuckerberg was a step even higher than before. His attitude with his college mates and towards college authorities is not a very impressive one. Apart from finally dropping out of college, he also had to face a lot of controversies and discipline issues while he was still at Harvard. His experiments like ‘facemash’ (a voting site) etc caused a lot of trouble, as in the case of Facemash the server of Harvard crashed and Zuckerberg was summoned in front of committee on disciplinary grounds. Thus being a student, his reckless and disastrous experiments were not much appreciated. Also his dropping out of college to focus on Facebook show his non serious and careless attitude towards studies as no sane person would like to drop out of such a prestigious Ivy League institution.
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