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In the movie, the main character is Kevin McAllister, who is a young boy of the age eight years old. He is in a family of five children but on the hand, he feels tormented by all the family members. As a result of the…
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Home alone part 1
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Download file to see previous pages It is on one morning he finds himself alone in the house, but the family did not leave him intentionally. His dream comes true, but, unfortunately, some thieves attempt to rob the house but they get arrested in the end. (Bettig, 145)
In Home Alone movie, Kevin is struggling to get his freedom in this family full of bullies. He feels that he does not belong to the family and even he gets to a point whereby he wishes that he did not have a family at all. Kevin is left behind by the family after they are rushing to catch the aircraft to Paris for vacation. Kevin was left in his bedroom that is in the third floor because he quarrels with his brother. Unfortunately, he is forgotten and left him in the house alone. However, Kevin is very happy and feels free as he once wished. He feels very good to be alone, having all the pizzas for himself, messing around and also jumping and playing on his parent’s bed.
Kevin family is seen to leave their home to Paris for Christmas holiday. As as result, he is left alone in the house unintentionally by his family that he wishes that he never had. Unfortunately, Kevin does not know the real importance of it, or he does not consider it important as the rest of the family members. It is because, even after he learns that he is alone, to him feels like an absolute relieves from his bullying family.
Kevin finds his house a difficult place to leave because of his other siblings and cousins too. Kevin is bullied by almost in the house. For instance, he feels that his cousins are bullying him making him do things he does not want to do. On the other hand, Kevin was forced to stay in his bedroom because his brother and he had an argument. In this case he feels bullied.
Another theme that evolves the entire movie is the aspect of injustice. For instance, Kevin is forced to go to his bedroom that is on the third floor. He feels that he is not treated equally as the other members of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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