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Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare - Essay Example

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In fact, most of Shakespearian publications have been used as points of references for literary sophistication and prowess. In the case of Antony of Cleopatra, there are themes which have been…
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Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare
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Download file to see previous pages For the sake of this analysis, the focus will be on love and how it has been developed by the author in the development of the story. In evaluating love as a central theme in the story, the focus will be on the two characters who are deemed as the protagonists.
The relationship between Cleopatra and Antony is one which is full of resilience. In spite of the fact that they face so many challenges in the course of their affair, their determination and resolve to overcome everything in the wake of what they face is quite admirable. At the time of the two, the societies constantly faced hardships in the form of conflicts and wars. However, the love that Cleopatra had for Antony was steadfast. In fact, the play depicts what can only be described as a perfect love which was only marred the by challenges that the two faced. The love story in lay seems to unify the characters. It should be noted that at
The love that Cleopatra had for Antony is quite strong and emotive. In fact, the face of the conflict that is ongoing between the Egypt and Rome, it is the only thing which is common between the two warring sides. From the story, it is revealed that Cleopatra had decided to take her own life if she could not get her love. The irony in this case is that Cleopatra is a queen who reigns of Egypt. In fact, the love between the Queen and the man from Rome inspires what genuine and true love is. Looking back at the tragedies in the story, it is evident the only thing that seems to unify and symbolize togetherness among the warring sides is the genuineness of the love that is shared by the two.
However, it should be noted that the feelings that people have when they are in love are affected by the prevailing factors. For instance, in the course of the war, Antony denounced his own country and men to embrace the love which was from a far land. However, the betrayal in the love story comes from the fact that Antony was a man who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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