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Persuasive Speech Presentation - why men should start using Rogain hair product - Essay Example

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The product has been serving for more than 20 years and it has successfully shown results of re-growing hair. It helps in re-growing the hair that is lost and helps in keeping the hair…
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Persuasive Speech Presentation - why men should start using Rogain hair product
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Download file to see previous pages Men experience hair loss due to the male pattern baldness which is a type of hair loss caused by the combination of male sex hormones and genes (Hayes 4). Stress, drugs, anaemia, and intake of drugs are some other reasons why hair fall has become common in men. The reason for hair fall can differ in individuals as each individual has a different scalp.
Hair loss is a medical problem which is common in men as they approach their middle ages. Some men also tend to experience hair fall since their 20s. An average individual loses about 50-100 hair everyday but more than 150 is counted as excessive hair fall which needs to be controlled (Whiting 165). Young men are especially looking for solutions that could help them to reduce or control their hair fall until their old age. Hair thinning is also a problem faced by men and young men are increasingly conscious about their hair as they look for solutions to solve their problem. Young men love styling their hair to impress women as they use different hairstyles, haircuts, and gels that give their hair artificial shine and a stylish look that would attract women. These products are also leading to hair fall. Once a man starts losing his hair, he feels his morale going down as they believe women wouldn’t like them now and baldness is a sign of ageing. The hair fall problem is increasing among men and they need a solution soon (Hall 67).
There are many solutions for hair fall especially for men, which include drugs, herbal remedies, and general tips that could be used in our daily routines. There are several drugs that have been introduced that artificially lead to hair growth and lesser hair fall. These drugs are strong and can have side effects for the body. Some doctors have also introduced herbal remedies such as using fresh aloe vera plant or herbal oils (Kingsley 107). Other techniques are washing hair regularly, not exposing too ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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