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What is voice - Essay Example

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The word is at war and everybody who is lucky enough to grace this world has to face a number of situations that will require them to stand for themselves. Bullies are all over and dealing with them is no easy task. Even bullies themselves get bullied by other bullies. As…
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What is voice
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Download file to see previous pages But everybody wants to find a way to put off the bully or whoever it is that is making them have a bad time. It is this finding of a way to deal with those who do not treat one in the right way that can be called finding one’s voice. In this regard it is not necessarily about voice in the literal sense.
A god example of how finding ones voice is not about finding the literal voice is the story by Flaa about her life in America as an Asian adoptee who constantly got bullied on the basis of her race. Flaa (Para 14) says she got her voice not necessarily literally but by being able to respond to people when they mocked her due to her Asian descent. To illustrate this, she talks about an incident where she was mocked by a group of college boys by producing sounds that mocked the Chinese language. She managed to show her middle finder and got them apologizing. She compared this to the many instances where she could respond to such racist remarks by dropping her head and laying low. But that particular day, she was able to get back at the bully. She says that although she was not necessarily proud about her showing the middle finger, she was happy because that incident was an indication had she had found her voice.
However, finding a voice can also be about finding the voice literally. This can be seen in Osman’s story that talks about how she got her voice back, literally, after she had lost it. Osman (Para 1) talks about how she got her voice back after she had lost it after having a mental break down and being hospitalized with a diagnosis of psychosis. She talks about applying for a library membership and reading some books helped her not only regain her lost voice literally, but how it also helped her to recover from the psychosis.
Denzel (Para 17) talks about how his maturity has helped him to respond to racist advances. He compares how ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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